build a outdoor watertight floor

let's make a deal

watch full episodes of let's make a deal, view video clips and browse photos on join the conversation and connect with cbs's let's make a deal.

security camera buying guide

that means that these cameras don't make sense if you want to look in on a pet throughout the day -- they only operate as security cameras. video quality is also a major consideration.

create a giant screen for under $100

if the projector is also on the floor, it's best to be behind it or flanking it on either side. mounting the projector up high is ideal, but given the impromptu nature of this screen, unlikely.

building a stereo setup for my gym

hey guys, i am planning a stereo set up for my gym. it is an open day concept. with two rollaway doors. so it has an open feel and an indoor and outdoor feel.

waterproof gadgets for summer fun

the sidebars ip67 waterproof outdoor bluetooth speaker is an inexpensive option and super durable and portable. you'll need a great cooler to keep beverages ice on a hot day. senate editors

10 home feature trends for 2014

a first-floor master bedroom and the living room continue to be controversial among buyers. here's a look at 10 trends in home building that may change the way we see the future of our homes.

an inside look at how abyss creations makes sex robots

abyss creations, maker of ultra-realistic sex dolls, wants to tap robotics and ai to bring them to life. get an inside look at how robot lovers get ready for action.

how to create digital floor plans

the 3d view of a floor plan created with homestyler. nicole cozma/cnet step 3: click the small home icon at the top left-hand area of the website, and choose windows.

8 fun summer activities that are cheap or free

and if you're tracking your swim laps, make sure your fitness tracker is waterproof. if it's in your budget, consider getting a summer pass instead of paying for daily visits to your local