putting a deck on above ground pool

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support deck for above ground pool. by becky byers portland, or i just purchased a 16 x 42' above-ground pool, the area i plan to put this pool has new lawn put in earlier this year. i am hoping to build a support deck that keeps the pool off the ground so i will not kill the grass, nothing fancy.

what kind of slides can be used for an above ground pool

the type of slide you can use with your above-ground pool depends upon the deck or surroundings around the pool and the available space; using any other type of slide may pose a safety risk.

above ground on a slope trouble free pool

we are trying to put an above ground pool in but we live on a significant slope. we are planning to dig down as much as possible we are also on bedrock so we can give the pool an 'in ground' look with decking all around.

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sinking an above ground pool 101. heres a list of the basics of placing an above ground pool in the ground. follow these basics and things will probably go well and youll be happy. if you dont follow them, you might still come out happy. who knows? i. only go down about halfway

building a deck for your above ground pool - backyard leisure

you might hear the word deck and think of of attached to your house, and that you will have to put your above ground pool very close to your house. however, there are many amazing pool designs that allow your to build a deck unattached to your house, plus you may have more options of shape and size if it is a stand-alone feature.

deck swimming pools, above or in-ground lap pools

house tour: deck pools above ground. view photo gallery . above ground. partially in-ground. in-ground. in-ground pools can be more attractive and accessible. let's put a pool on the roof read full article . more articles and news. discover more installation options. backyard.

above ground pool, adding a deck. above or below pool rail

last year i got suckered into putting up an above ground pool by my wife and kids. well, now i'm stuck building a deck. i'm debating on whether to build the deck over the top rail of the pool or put it slightly under and leaving enough room to put my cover on in the fall/winter.

above ground pool installation price - true cost to put up

when you add up all the fees associated with installing an above-ground pool, your total sum is going to be in the ballpark of $1900.00, just to put in a small to average size round pool. we havent even discussed the cost of installing a deck or pools that come with a pool deck.

how to build a pool deck - above ground pool deck plans

learn how to build a pool deck with these 10 steps. to get the most enjoyment out of your above-ground pool you need a wood deck that surrounds it. now you can put the posts back onto the