cheap ways to cover a deck

re-cover a patio cushion

re-cover a patio cushion. the cheapest i found per chair was about $40. plus i have a love seat bench type thing that is still in the basement that i would have to purchase new cushions for and that was ranging in the $100 range and that still didn't solve my cleaning dilemma. i think you may have to redesign your patio to complement

30 ideas to dress up your deck midwest living

furnish your deck or patio with accessories and designs that add comfort and style to outdoor living. here are 30 suggestions to get you started. 30 ideas to dress up your deck. cover with canvas.

how to build a diy covered patio

how to cover a patio. there are numerous ways to cover a patio. my favorites include: umbrellas; awnings; trellises; pitched roof structures; after carefully considering costs and benefits, the one that best fit the familys needs was a modified trellis that not only created shade, but also a dry space. diy patio cover size and cost

diy-cover your ugly deck boards maybe it's

diy-cover your ugly deck's like a roll out laminate topping for your deck. it extends the life, is easy to clean and protects from splinters and termites. i wonder if you could cover a concrete patio with it. home projects outdoor projects deck design house design decks and porches back porches back deck front deck deck skirting.

5 ways to cover patio doors

well, lucky you, we have some solutions our five favorite ways to be exact. 1. woven or natural vertical draperies. designers are loving these lately. they offer a down-to-earth, soft and attractive look in ones home. this shade can be transformed from a horizontal shade into a lovely, natural looking covering for your patio door. since these shades are available in so many colors and materials and there are options for light filtering and blackout linings, you can let your designing

12 deck and patio ideas that won't break the bank

revamp your deck. simply refinish the material or add a painted design with stencils. increase the visual appeal with beautiful potted plants, new tables or chairs or even reupholster or paint your old ones. throw pillows and canopies are another great way to breathe new life into an worn deck.

cheap decorating ideas for a deck hunker

cheap decorating ideas for a deck by kathleen berlew. save; when the weather is warm, your deck serves as an additional area for gathering, dining and relaxing -- but it also serves up additional expense. it's another space that has to be furnished and decorated. an outdoor dining set and high-end accessories can be costly, but inexpensive

dreamy patios and decks diy

related to: designed by robert hursthouse, this versatile deck offers three different types of entertaining areas, depending on the weather: a gathering spot around the fire pit, a deck for sunny afternoons and an enclosed gazebo. whether it's for roasting marshmallows with the kids or grown-up entertaining, the fireplace often becomes