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the invention relates to a wood plastic composite material comprising the following materials in parts by weight: 100 parts of wood meals, 20-80 parts of waste plastics, 5-50 parts of waste rubbers, 10-60 parts of high-melt index thermoplastic resins, 1-12 parts of surface active agents, 2-8 parts of lubricating agents, 0.1-4 parts of cross-linking agents, 0.1-4 parts of antioxygens and 0.05-1

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the market for the wood-plastic composite has grown and wpcs now are used in automotive applications, as well as in the building products sector of the economy. a wood-plastic composite is a blended product of wood, or other natural fibers, and a thermoplastic material.

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overall moisture content of a wood-composite deck board is usually claimed to be less than 2%. however, material at the board ends and 1 to 7 mm below the board surface 'frequently exceeds 25% moisture,' gnatowski notes. that 25% moisture is an open invitation for fungi to attack wood-plastic composites.

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wood plastic composite patents . wood plastic composite patents a method of preparing wood and plastic to produce a composite material. the fabrication of a plastic-wood composite wherein awood is prepared by drying and crushing of at least the outer cell layers of the veneer using a heated platen.

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the present invention is an improved wood-plastic composite wpc produced from a mixture comprising, wood particles, plastic, and optionally additives. the wpc of the invention further comprises an active ingredient that acts as a biocide. the active ingredient comprises tbba or a homologue or derivative thereof and is added to the mixture together with the wood particles during and/or before

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the principal filler in wood composites is wood flour made from recycled sawdust, planer shavings, sanding dust and scraps, purchased by wood recyclers from a variety of industries. the collected scraps are hammermilled to form a very fine powder, classified by the standard sieve mesh size that it can pass through.

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new patent design for the wood plastic composite decking. march 20, 2018. when using the old wpc decking clips for the installation, you need to: 1, prepare a gap between two decking boards 2, put the clips through the side groove from one end of the boards 3, slid the clips to the proper position

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manufacturing of the wood plastic composites . the wood-plastic composite is comprised of a polypropylene pp homopolymer and wood flour in a weight ratio of about 31-34% pp: 60% wood. a lubricant, such as ebs wax, at a concentration of 6% of the total weight is added to these components.

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patent wood plastics composites-shanghai seven trust industry co.,ltd patent wo87a1 - wood plastic composites and- google oct 10, 2013disclosed patent epb1 - wood-plastic composites using recycled sep 3, 2014wherein get sample.

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wood plastic composites, wood flour, mechanical properties, durability, foaming. 20.1 introduction: characteristics of wood . wood is classified as a lignocellulosic material. it is made up of major constituents cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin and minor constituents ash and extractives baeza and freer, 2001 .

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composites from wastepaper, wood fiber, plastics, and inorganic materials wastepaper. wood. plastics, fly ash, gyp-sum, and other biomass fibers can be reclaimed from industrial and msw streams and used for several kinds of composite products: wood fiber-plastic composites. dry-formed wood fi-ber-based composites, inorganic bond wood

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polymer composite plastic nails and plastic staples. utility composites, inc. maker of raptor plastic composite nails and staples is a quality driven company that is proud to offer world class products and fastening solutions to a broad spectrum of market and industry segments. our composite fasteners are made in the usa and marketed and sold

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wood and plastic are best friends these days. composites of wood flour and pp, pe, or pvc are the buzz in the building-products business. dozens of firms are seeking to exploit these materials for manufacturing tough, lightweight window profiles, plastic lumber, and interior auto panels.

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innovative plastics and molding has issue notification for us patent 7,994,241 on august 9, 2011 - issue notification received from the uspto that patent application 12/321,093 titled wood composite alloy composition having a compatibilizer that improves the ability to process and compress cellulosic fiber has us patent 7,994,241 issue date 8/9

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cross-reference to related applications. this application claims the benefit under 35 u.s.c. 119 e of u.s. provisional patent application nos. 61/792,272, filed mar. 15, 2013, 61

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patent wo36a2 - apparatus and method for low-density field of the invention the present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for producing an extruded cellular wood-plastic composite. the present. wood joins plastics for injection molded composites - design - similar to wood joins plastics for injection molded composites