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life and death deck build

the deck doesn't have much in terms of defense, and it is kinda light on removal. however, the lifegain kind of mitigates these problems. tormentors certainly wouldn't be a bad idea either. however, the lifegain kind of mitigates these problems.

chain of memories early deck building.

it also has a very low cp cost in your deck and turns sora into a homing missile. i agree with you about sonic blade, it is very nice to not have to deal with it being screwed up. but to this, there is a simple solution for arcanum.

favorite non-competitive yu-gi-oh deck?

i made a decent deck but it was still a very over all crappy build. i wish the writers gave alexis rhodes a good back because her monsters seemed cool. i wish the writers gave alexis rhodes a good

pokemon trading card game

deck save machine * tech aaron < left half of dr. mason's lab notes: 1-9 let you build pre-constructed decks which are listed in this faq , provided you have all those cards in the deck not already in one of your four current decks. please note that the only way to turn on 2-9 are to insert the appropriate medal at that machine. 10 lets you save up to 60 different deck configurations. as

kingdom hearts: chain of memories deck building guide for

a well placed low level attack card can reek some serious havoc on an enemy and give your deck a great strength boost. in the beginning of the game when you are limited to only 2 or 3 keyblades, the best method is to have a deck filled with the highest level cards you have. as you get some new attack cards with greater strength add them in spaced out in your deck. eventually you should have

wigglytuff decks

i think part of the fun of wigglytuff decks is the ability to throw together clashing types or strategies with a full bench and do the wave as consistent output. you can change its matchups as simple as adding some electabuzz and lightning energies to cover rain dance for example. your build just seems so very boring, pure colorless.

highest win rate standard deck?

the wings are required to make most decks, because while you can make substitutions like sen'jin shield master for a sludge belcher or something it just turns out being an inferior deck because of it.

how to build a deck for ios

how to build a deck is a app that includes some very helpful information for considerations while building a wooden deck how to build a deck includes:how to . how to build a deck is a app that

good cards for a fire deck?

uff fire decks my favorite,you re smart by choosing ultimate baseball kid,that is the best fire monster you could ever see in a fire deck if you know how to use it .sometimes i get to rise that card to 9000 -10000 atk or even more. great monster cards to support it are inferno and spirit of flame - they are uber easy to summon as long as theres any fire monster in the graveyard..and they

crimson vs

after dabbling a little bit i think this is the strongest deck, note the only card i am missing is the ur sniper so it may make this a little better but i doubt it will have more charisma so it'll be weaker.

'perfect' decks

this deck is the same as the deck for dueling tea with, except for the following exceptions: take out 2 cursebreakers and put 2 swords of revealing light in their place take out 3 shadow of eyes and put 3 nemurikos in their place take out 3 bad reaction to simochis and put 3 anti rekis in their place the deck cost will be 1027.

help me get a starter deck together for gwent

play the merchants first and bet low until you've put together a halfway decent deck. then start doing gwent quests to win heroes and such. then start doing gwent quests to win heroes and such. finally- try to keep the deck streamlined so that you have a better chance of getting a good initial hand.

hazy deck yu-gi-oh duel links

the ideal build runs triple soul exchange yeah, good luck with that. but you can still make a hella powerful version for cheap. sphinx is a card trader card, cereberus, peryton, and hazy glory are low rarity in the new samurai box.