1x3 recycled plastic lumber floor beams

st: voyager s5 ep 25 'warhead'

they beam the bloody alien device next to the warp core. the alien device turns out to be a wmd. is there no common sense to how they deal with issues? is it me, or given the numerous wonder technologies they have on board, they couldn't have devised a large container to float in space or be attached to a shuttle's tow line where they remote in via holography and work on said dangerous objects

the sims: superstar item guide for pc by jpaterson

motives : comfort = 3 energy = 4 ***** recycled couch price : $180 size : 1x3 description : show your solidarity with other eco-conscious sims by purchasing a recycled couch. rebirthed from discarded bolsters, driftwood, car tires and bottle caps, a recycled couch announces a radical disregard for burgeous comfort. break the cycle of consumption and waste at a revoultionary low price. motives

return of the renegades gothic city empire claim ic

wood always carried bacteria and always left particulates inside the wound that could only be treated by a surgeon. a real one, not a friend with first aid training and a knife. a real one, not a

6 sand castles you'd actually want to live in

the home has an open floor plan with floor-to-ceiling windows. it has a covered porch and sunshades that can expand over the home's patio as needed. it features extensive wood paneling, rainwater

bliding sands, death dealing wolves utopia vs wolf pack

then: two clicks of a horizontal stretched suit case resonated from the roof top of the west tower in the casablanca center located in morocco. t

natural home building: 10 homes built by the earth

made by stacking up the bales, binding them together with wood pins or mesh wire, then plastering or stuccoing the bales, these homes can be built quickly and lived in year-round in any climate.

watch this old house episodes online season 34 2013

the old world look of the walls is completed with rustic plaster and old beams; a self-contained membrane bioreactor septic system is installed in the basement; the driveway is adorned with a

5 greenhouses that are actually homes

it has two levels: the first floor is a living space with an eat-in kitchen, seating area and indoor rock garden. wooden slat stairs lead to the second, which is primarily for enjoying the

pacific palisades, calif.

the mckinley cube house, sitting on a quiet 10-acre lot of prairie grass and rolling hills, is a 5,100 square foot structure made of steel, wood, plastic, and glass, as seen on 'extreme living' on

5 ways to know you're buying an energy-efficient house

reclaimed wood homes that incorporate this type of wood save trees and keep perfectly good wood out of the landfill. the character of the old wood also adds a special aesthetic quality to the home.

read user reviews and submit your own for mass effect

poor animation, laughable dialogue, the same tired combat system oh look, in all the years of the same combat, we now have bloody jump jets, haha-hehe , and a story that would make ed wood beam with pride. this is the very essence of a b-movie turned into a game, and it's not funny.

fallout 4

the horizontal beam of light can be redirected by certain see-thru cubes decoder relays , a key strategy in removing the red barriers firewalls . to destroy a firewall, make the beam hit their weak point; this requires redirecting beams via the decoder relays' green sides. make sure to have sentries placed all along the route the indexers take -- they have long lines of sight, but still need

ccc entries by cbishop, part 4

tiny green beams, thinner than dental floss grew from the edge of the goggles, lanced into his temples, and seemed to set his eyes on fire. he screamed into the pillow, but managed to not pass out.

8 homes made from recycled materials

the home makes use of other recycled materials, including 100-year-old salvaged stone columns, flooring made from the beams of old houses, fabric waste and waste slivers of cut stone. collage