6ft feather edge fence panels

challenge tombs

grab the feather and Seven Trust here then jump east and use your grapple axe to swing on the branch, make sure you attach to the opposite craggy wall. climb up the wall, then keep going forward and jump to the next craggy wall.

the spiderwick chronicles

on the other side you´ll see a cutscene showing you the seeing stone. it sits in a control panel in front of you. hit it loose with one of your needles and watch it roll away. approach the wing nut in front of you to climb down the wire. follow the white arrow, use the pipe to get across to the next platform. just keep following the arrows, that will lead you to a tunnel. go through it, to

final fantasy adventure

go to the edge and wait for the will bar to fill up. if its full, use it on the pole on the other side. note that you can only reach it with a maxed chain. after successfully bringing yourself on the other side, go north one screen. and then, go right one screen. here, use your chain on the pole on the top platform. after going up the platform, go left one screen. here, go left. go down the

enter the matrix

play with the po employees if you wish and exit the control room through the new door at the far end of the control panel. pass through this small fenced in hallway and exit the level through the next door. mission: backtracking descend the stairway and take out the lone guard at the bottom. exit through the door to find yourself at the far end of the mail processing room. move back to the

lego batman 3: beyond gotham

assemble the pinhole panel on the right and then press b in front of it, then press x at the right time to turn the planetary model so you can grapple up to the ledge and head over to batman. after you drop down, assemble the big computer and use the tech panel. press the x button on the yellow and black striped objects and you'll extend the bridge to the back. grab the token for the

lego harry potter: years 1-4

once you open the gate using the goblin, walk along the inside of the fence to find blue studs, and shoot the chairs. when the second gate is opened, check around the corners and shoot the chest on the right.

arc the lad ii

to the edge of the plains is an area you can enter called forest pass. enter it and you will find the kid there. //find the old man found at: misro reward:2000g merits:3* our client requests a hunter to find an elderly villager that has been missing for days. process go to the right most house at the very top of the village and talk to the man next to the bed. once that's done, go to the

pokemon omega ruby

go west for a bit towards the fence, then get inside it. enter the house and speak with the old man there for two random berries per day, then also speak with the younger man nearby if you have a shaymin in your party for a gracidea .

wild arms 5

one of the paths lead to a fence. if you shoot the closest box, you can get a dragon fossil which is used for arm remodeling atk, mag atk or fp increment up . floor 7: get the lucky card then move on. floor 8: shoot the nearest box for witch badge then shoot the crystal. floor 3: you'll get the medium of heaven, medium of sea and a blank medium. any blank medium allows you to copy an original

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky

examine the lift car, the panel by the stairs, things inside captain's cabin on the second floor, executive room window on the third floor, then go out the door to the deck for a scene. choose 'keep the location of their hideout a secret' for a whooping 3 extra bp get out of the ship for an additional scene and you'll be thrown into haken gate's prison. after a lonnnng scene, you'll be back


the chest is hidden near a broken wall, a partial fence, and what appears to be some large tubes in a rectangular frame. once you are ready, enter the dungeon. note, you will soon reach a drop after the first door of the dungeon.

super mario 64 ds

1 - follow the path, up the bridge and jump the fence. the coin is above a rock on the left side of this area. 2 - to the left of the first bridge is a set of rotating platforms. the red coin is above here. 3 - you know where the chain chomp is located? well the coin is above the central stump. be quick to avoid chompy boy. 4 - go over the see saw and left to the area of stumps and trees

golden sun

when you get to the fence next to kraden's house you'll notice a large, brown rock. guess what, it's time to use that lift psynergy lift up the rock and proceed north to the next screen and then into the cave. head north as soon as you get into the cave and you'll notice a circle of stepping stones on your left. at first it appears it's impossible to cross these stepping stones, but a true


open the box with the feather on top and get the bottle of serum. head out, turn left, go through the door and around behind the main stairs and use the elevator to level 4. turn right in the sanitorium and go through the secret wall door. turn right and enter the transport pod. put the serum on the feather container. see the bird cage. you return here each time you get 3 different feathers

harvest moon ds

fencing the animals serves two purposes. first, it keep the animals where you can find them so that you do not have to wander all over your farm if you want to put them back in the barn. the second purpose this serves is that it protects them from the wild dogs that can visit your farm in the evening. if the wild dogs get to your animals, they can cause them to get unhappy or sick. however

lego harry potter: years 5-7

grass 5: past the cart you need to hit to knock some pieces down, at end near the fence is the last patch of grass. -- crest piece ravenclaw during the flying segment, you need to hit 5 red buoys in the water. there are a bit tough to hit and you have to restart the level if you miss any. cast a few spells at them, it might take more than one hit. buoy 1: before the first bridge that raises

pokemon omega ruby

mega stones. as a note, some mega stones are only found in some versions of the game. if you desire another, you are allowed to trade the item. however, it must be held by a pokémon during the trade.