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diy or buy? urban homesteaders weigh the costs

reeses recipe for maple nut scones prices out at 18 cents an ounce; a comparable starbucks scone is 39 cents an ounce. chicken stock: tastes so much better if you make it, says solomon, while reese decries the messiness of the process but reluctantly makes her own, at a cost of 25 cents a cup versus 75 cents for store-bought.

htc vive gets a huge $200 price cut

htc knows you're still on the fence re: virtual reality, so today it's sweetening the deal. starting monday, an htc vive vr headset and controller kit will cost just $600, £600 or au$1,000. make

illegal u.s. northern border crossings up 142 percent from

mexican citizens don't need a visa to enter canada, and one-way flights to toronto and montreal only cost about $300. once there, border patrol agents say, they can slip into the u.s.

zoo tycoon 2001

exibit cost calculation: - for 4 animals in nice exibit: o animal: arctic wolf cost: $1,150 x 4 = $4,600 o fence: low plexiglass fence cost: $125 x 11 x 11 exibit size = $15,125 o terrain: snow 82% , grey stone 12% , freshwater 6% . cost: total squares 121 11 x 11 snow = 121 x 0.82 = 99 99.22 = 99 x $100 = $9,900 grey stone = 121 x 0.12 = 15 14.52 = 15 x $60 = $900 feshwater = 121 x

why xbox one, ps4 price cuts aren't coming until 2015

internet why xbox one, ps4 price cuts aren't coming until 2015. thanks to massively successful launches and finely tuned hardware, sony and microsoft have the luxury of waiting to begin dropping

best video software for windows and mac

avoid monthly subscriptions: annual subscriptions or a one-time fee are usually much more cost-effective in the long run. if you're on the fence, the paid versions offer a free trial to help you

can you collect on a verbal agreement?

contrary to what some may say, many verbal agreements are legally binding. here are some of the ways that consultants can collect from a client when there's no written contract. so you did a quick

2019 hyundai veloster turbo: a true hot-hatch contender

music when hyundai veloster burst onto the scene in 2011 it was a fun and funky entrance in its class. but the turbo model didn't exactly set our hearts our fire like some of its rivals.

iphone 7 is here: water-resistant body, better cameras

size and feel: the iphone 7 feels pretty much the same as the iphone 6s, with the same 4.7-inch screen. apple says the 'hd retina display' is 25 percent brighter than last year's model.