wood color composite semi private fence panels

cav: iris wyld vs the mountain trv

'don't get me wrong, i don't take away from iris's feat. but, let's say iris wasn't facing just soldiers, well-trained as they might be, but an actual expert marksman.

world's most luxurious car interiors

the traditional leather and cutting-edge composite materials work together in harmony to give a blend of yesterday and tomorrow. the leds are customizable so you can set your own interior mood color.

gothic ii: gold edition

aha, a link to the fence the bandits have in the city. we'll deal with this a little later in 'the fishmonger' , so for now just keep the note and head back to the city. upon talking to hakon again and saying you took care of the bandits, you'll complete the quest, recieve the promised 100 gold and 100xp. c1.2.p2 point of interest: zuris herbs in the merchant's square near the east gate, you

the legend of heroes: trails in the sky

the meaning of these values depends on the heart color. if it's hp/mp recovery yellow/blue heart , a 10 means 10% recovery of you or the enemy's max hp/mp. you should do your best to avoid letting bosses get this turn bonus, since their max hp is usually in the range of hundreds to thousands. a 10% recovery for a boss with high hp means a few more turns for you to bring it back down to where


june, 2006 update: you can also find out your combat level on this page, which is a composite of all 7 combat-related skills, which are shown on the character stats page. 3.2 character stats this window shows you the levels of all your skills listed in section 6 in a fractional format. the first number is your 'current' skill level, which may be affected by spells, beer, potions, or

cav: elminster floopay vs. eragon the red viper

'the color varies from person to person. it depends on who says the word. as to why the fire did what you wanted, that's a matter of practice. most beginners have to spell out exactly what they

battlefield hardline

the maximum ranges for all bolt-action snipers, the sa .308 and m82 semi-auto snipers, the 7.62mm soviet assault rifles the rpk, akm and mdc and the ro933 .300 blk carbine are based on a time of 5.0 seconds and for the other semi-auto snipers it's 3.0 seconds. for example the scout elite bolt-action has a muzzle velocity of 640 m/s so its max range is 640 x 5.0 = 3,200 metres 3,500

read mixed user reviews for rage on pc

quite dissapointed for lots of reasons. 1 mind numbing missions, that provide zero motivation and proper reasoning. i honestly cannot believe that who ever wrote this is a person that even enjoys playing games.

need help deciding about a camcorder

my current camcorder is a sony handycam and it's about 10 years old and starting to show signs of failing with color distortion and other video and audio issues. it's been a great camcorder though

fallout 3: game of the year edition

low-quality, semi-free guides gamespot and ign ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ i'll start off with the - usually widely promoted - semi-free game guides on gamespot and ign. first of all, keep in mind that the guys writing these aren't paid a top-notch salary, and that they have to spit out guides at a rather fast pace. add to this

the sims 2 deluxe

half-walls act very much like fences but can be painted and wall papered. unfortunately, you can't put tiles on them to make a half floor like many of us were hoping, but eh, it's still a nice addition. half-walls are more for cosmetic and design purposes more so than practical gameplay. you can't put doors, windows or wall hung objects on them like paintings, and you can't put a gate on them

star ocean: the last hope

the door will close and you will have to use the thunder ring on the control panel nex to the door to open it. before going through the door, charge the thunder ring at the control panel - you may have to reposition edge a few times before you can examine it. go through the door and walk down the hallway. take the second west path you come to and enter the small room with two chests; open the

ghostbusters: the video game faq/walkthrough for

- together again ----- unfortunately, the ghostbusters technically aren't together, as a fence separates the two of you from the ecto-1. winston asks you and ray to clear a path for him up ahead. walk towards the doorway on the same wall as the gate blocking the ecto-1. to the right of the closed door is a pile of skeletons and assorted bones. shoot the pile a few times with your boson dart to

rollercoaster tycoon

click on main color scheme to bring up a menu that also includes 3 alternate color palettes. select one of the alternates, then change some of the colors in the normal fashion. now click the brush button and click on any section of track to color it. now if you change the colors in the menu all the sections you painted with it will change colors as well. add-on testing note: guests seem to

alpha protocol faq/walkthrough for pc by beefybuffalo

if you go on the right you will see a fence you can hop over so take the guard out on the right side and hop the fence, climbing the ladder at the end and doing your very best to avoid the camera in the process. on top of the plane make your way over to the right side and drop off onto the ground you can jump onto the guard and knock him down, then use circle to stomp on him and kill him and

half-life 2

you'll drop through the opening in the wkwy, walkway past the fence, avoid all pos, continue right then left to the dead end where you'll find 2 pos and an open ep, entry point to the building. to continue your escape, you're channeled up and through the building to the rooftop. run across the flat parts to the dormer wall with the open windows then climb in. continue till your capture by