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the locust fence post was first put into commission by the early appalachian settlers because of its superb strength and unsurpassed resistance to decay. this classic fence has been used for generations in the wild appalachians and today lends itself to the rustic appeal of the home and farm landscape.

35 awesome wooden fence ideas for residential homes

many wooden fences are made from composite materials, usually treated pine. pine is both inexpensive and responds well to pressure treatment, making it a durable and resilient choice. because wooden fences can range in material and design, the cost can also vary widely. higher end woods naturally cost more, and taller fences need more material.

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fence supply inc. offers wood, chain link, farm and ranch, ornamental iron, and pvc fencing, as well as a large variety of high-functioning gate operators from leading brands such as nice apollo, ramset, elite, linear, faac, came, and chamberlain.

27 fence gate options by style, shape, material and panel

your chain link fence must be tall enough to where it would be difficult for anyone to try and safely climb over the fence. the fence must be coated and washed carefully if you want it to stay looking new. 7. bamboo. bamboo has become a beloved wood material for fence gates in recent years.

4x4 mesh level rail panels by wild hog railing

install wild hog railing panels in the method and style you prefer:-sandwich the wild hog wire panels directly between level wood or metal rails.-miter out individual holes in your level wood or metal deck rails and insert the wild hog fence panel directly.

12 creative and unusual diy fences

it is time to wake up your creativity. make something fancy and interesting that will be a hallmark for you. do unusual diy fence for your yard. use some old items such as skis or other ancient slats. you can also paint the old fence and create a rainbow of colors, or you can carved it in the form of some interesting figures.

pvc plastic fencing vs. wood

wood is an adaptable material that can be left to weather naturally, or it can be stained or painted however you want. a wood fence can be custom-built to make it quite unique to your landscape, and it can readily be adapted to uneven building sites.

what is the difference between pine and cedar fence material?

tennessee valley fence shows you the difference in using pressure treated pine and cedar for your new wood fence. tennessee valley fence, you'll love us arou

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component fences are sometimes called stick-built fences. you assemble the fence from individual pieces, such as boards and rails. these fences take longer to build, but can follow the contours of the landscape, a technique called racking. some types of wood fencing are available as components.

things to consider when fencing in your yard for your dog

wood fences will cause fewer injuries to digging dogs, but larger breeds may be able to claw, chew and damage the wood. fences made from thick, durable woods or plastics may be a better option.

wooden fence colors that will wow your neighbors

wooden fence colors that will wow your neighbors. wild wooden fence colors you will love. written by: the olympic paints and stains team. finding a wooden fence color doesnt have to be hard. there are colors for every type of home and piece of property that are beautiful, bright, and bold.

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natural materials. when it comes to choosing a natural material, classic timber, modern bamboo, and stonework are all popular but very different choices. traditional wood. its hard to ignore the beauty and utility of a traditional wooden fence. wood fencing is typically made of redwood or cedar, as these varieties stand up well against decay, naturally occurring oils, and wood-boring insects.

how to build a coyote fence hunker

how to build a coyote fence. coyotes used to live only in the wild, but they are adaptable to change and have persevered through changing habitat; now people who live in urban areas have just as good of a chance of seeing a coyote. although coyotes can pose a threat and be destructive, instead of killing them, try building a coyote-proof fence to keep them out.