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how to make planters from composite decking

how to make planters from composite decking. how to: 'seven trust' decking made into flower pot - youtube. 4 may 2013 how to: 'seven trust' decking made into flower pot. life goes making a planter or garden box from reclaimed recycled cedar - duration: 11:27. by ..>> easy planter boxes - professional deck builder magazine. 1 nov 2008

how to build a wooden planter with decking

here is a tutorial on how to build a wooden planter out of decking. looks great and so easy to do how to build a wooden planter with decking csqt how to make wooden flower pots with

how to turn plant pots into a water fountain

step 1 - seal the drainage hole on the bottom pot. in order for the water to recirculate, you will have to seal the drainage hole in the bottom pot. we used a small tile but a piece of plastic would work too. secure it in place with silicone, running it all around the tile as well to ensure a tight seal.

how to make plant pots from decking

how to make plant pots from decking - outdoor decking floor making plant pots from decking boards. making plant pots from decking boards. as a leading global manufacturer of wood plastic composite product, we offer advanced

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when selecting flower and foliage colors, you may also want to think about the color of your house, the color of your deck or patio pavers, and the color in adjacent beds and borders. that said, pots and planters present a great opportunity to experiment with dramatic color combinations that you'd probably never dare to use in your permanent landscape.

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related to: use the drill to secure wooden brackets to the deck railing or exterior of the home with 1 wood, masonry or metal screws. flip the pine plank over so that any trace marks are facing downward and secure the pine plank to wooden brackets. place each galvanized pot inside of the drilled holes and add plants or flowers.

flower planters made from decking boards

making plant pots from decking boards - outdoor deck board. make a garden planter from decking make composite flower planter - outdoor deck board . deck boards make durable planters for flowers and shrubs

how to arrange outdoor flower pots: 5 guides home

how to arrange outdoor flower pots: guide 4 the pots with medium height flowers if you have a lot of pots filled with medium height flowers, you can place them on the garden bed. they can create the lush feeling if the flowers are in full blooms.

how to arrange flower pots: 13 steps with pictures

make sure your pot has holes for draining. to prevent overwatering your plants, make sure to get a pot with holes or a detachable bottom that will allow water to filter through. this will help keep your plants hydrated as well as prevent root rot.

gardening on your patio or deck with flower boxes and pots

choosing flower boxes, pots, or both. watering plants and flowers will help them to settle. a majority of plants like to be kept in damp not overly wet soil. to figure out if your plants or flowers need water simply stick your finger into the soil up to the second knuckle. if your finger tip feels dry, add water.

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flower boxes and pots are easy do-it-yourself projects that can take a drab . flower boxes come in a range of materials from wood, to plastic, to composite. . have drainage holes in the bottom you can add your own or use.

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planters installed an deck railing with deck railing brackets made decks and patios look extraordinary. plant pot bracket hang on the wooden deck rail for large flower pot. our shelf deck bracket easily slips over and deck railings to display your favorite flowerbox planter.

make a garden planter from decking: 7 steps with pictures

make a garden planter from decking: hello, and welcome to my 2nd published instructable, children today we're going to make a planter from offcuts and inexpensive timber. i've always been interested in growing some vegetables in the garden, but, as i'm sure some of you can testify

how to make a flower pot out if decking wood

how to make a flower pot out if decking woodhere's how you can build your own flower pot from wood. home section. interior design. home design; home décor how to make a gumball machine out of a flower to make a flower pot out if decking woodhow to make pot plants out of timber 9:35 make a funky wall clock out of wood by steve ramsey

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if you want to use a decorative planter that doesnt have drainage holes, plant your flowers in an inexpensive pot that does drain, and sit it in the planter on top of a little gravel. bag of potting mix for containers: potting mix is lightweight and rich in nutrients, and some kinds have fertilizer already mixed in. dont use soil from your yard its too heavy.

5 ways to decorate your deck with plants

scaevolaalso called fan flowera heat tolerant, cascading plant. group containers - tall, medium and small ones, to make a stunning deck focal point. tip 2: create a color theme. choose flower colors that complement your house, deck or outdoor furniture. for example, these flowers sizzling in hot hues of red, orange, and yellow.

all pots on deck how to make a deck rail planter

this easy project gives your pots a stylish home on your deck or window. you will need: pre-cut 1 wide planks of 3/4 thick pressure-treated pine plank length of plank is determined by size of window or span of deck railing / measuring tape / galvanized pots / pencil or marker / drill / 3/4' drill bit / jigsaw / wooden shelf brackets / wooden shelf brackets / 1' decking screws for

15 diy ideas: turn old things into beautiful flower pots

metal pots. source. source. teapot turned into a flowerpot. source. tea cup flower pots. source. re-purposed rain boots. source. tree stump planters. source. vertical palette flower planter. source. old tires flower pots. source. flower pot made from tree branches. source. barrel planters. source. garden tools flower pots. source. all you need is some soil,planters and creativity.

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create airflow under planters. allowing air circulation underneath planters and pots lets moisture dry before the deck wood suffers damage. this also gives some protection against stains from red clay pots. planter feet, usually rubber, stick to the bottom of pots and planters or their drip pans and add an inch or less for circulation.

how to make an octagon wood planter home guides sf gate

these pieces will make up the vertical walls of your planter. 4 hammer three of the 2-foot sections of 1-by-3-inch boards along the 2-inch edge of the 8-inch length of one rim piece you cut earlier.

design ideas for deck planter boxes diy

the simplest method is to include an outside spigot and hose on or near your deck, but that means traipsing around with a hose on a regular basis. with a little planning, you can include a drip irrigation system for your built-in planter boxes. hide the irrigation lines under the decking, then up and directly into each planter box.

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keep in mind: price and stock could change after publish date, and we may make money from these links. the concrete should fill about ½ to ¾ of the barrel to provide enough stability for the posts. set planter barrel in place and mix the concrete in the barrel. we filled the barrel with about 8

garden pot feet to save your plants and deck

diy: you can make your own pot feet. you can cut pvc piping cut into rounds. shop the flea market shot glasses, teacups, or saucers you can turn upside-down and glue to your pots. you can also use small terra cotta pots, turned upside down.

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step 2. cover the top of the flower pots with a wire mesh, such as chicken wire, that allows access to sunlight and rain but prevents the birds from being able to reach the soil. cut a hole in the wire for the stem of the flower plant and secure the mesh to the pot using duct tape or another adhesive.

how to: 'seven trust' decking made into flower pot

not so much a 'how to' as it is just to show how one can use material made for one application and be used for another, in this case using the durable 'seven trust' decking boards made into a flower pot.