attaching fence panels to concrete posts

the legend of zelda: ocarina of time 3d

you should come across an area which is fence in and a large concrete wall beside it. on the west side of this wall kind of hidden from view is a ladder, ascend up the ladder and jump down into the middle of that fenced area. your controller should be rumbling at this point, that's a good sign. place a bomb here in the middle and drop down the hole that appears. defeat the deku scrub using

battle gear 4

attach the rod to the frame of the car in front of the front tyres, but attach it with bushings in such a way that it can rotate. now attach arms from the rod to the front suspension member on both sides. when you go into a turn now, the front suspension member of the outside of the turn gets pushed upward. the arm of the sway bar gets pushed upward, and this applies torsion to the rod. the

call of duty: black ops ii

the claws will wander off to the left, go across the street here and use the access panel on the wall to open a garage roller door. the claws will head in here, leaving you and the rest of your team to work your way up the street. if you open the access doors, the claws will be able to assist you from balconies along the left hand side of the street using the claws to attack enemies from the

the chronicles of riddick: assault on dark athena

shimmy right until you can get to the opening in the fence and then climb over. go into the next room and use the elevator at the end. after riding the elevator then go through the door and you will be outside. you will see a guard going from left to right so crouch down and sneak up on him. dispose of him by either breaking his neck or rifle-butting him. grab his shotgun to get ammo. turn

uncharted 2: among thieves walkthrough

leap from the concrete beam extending outward to a series of flag poles you start swinging from. unfortunately, one will snap loose--climb up to a section of the wall you can sidle left along to a

animal crossing

the post office e. the junk yard f. tom nook's shop g. the museum h. the dock i. your neighbors j. song board iv. working at nook's v. paying off your debt vi. the mail vii. animal island viii. k.k. slider ix. visitors x. hra academy xi. fishing xii. bug catching xiii. ereader xiv. nes games xv. fossils xvi. painting xvii. gyroids xviii. beginner's faq a. general questions b. basic gameplay

animal crossing: city folk

the civic center and the post office. though there are some other features too. civic center services 'environment '; with this option you will be notified of the rating of your town. by working to get a perfect town you will be closer to getting the golden watering can more info in the secrets section. this is the option to choose if you are a perfectionist. 'town tune '; the town tune is

resident evil 2

he has written about his meeting with vincent, the cruel and vicious man who was promoted to the post of the city's supreme commander. when the manager took a picture of vincent for a souvenir, vincent got angry. as our hero searches the manager's desk, he finds the picture of vincent. it is of himself. clearly, our hero concludes, he must be vincent. he must be this cruel man that he keeps

half-life 2

switch to kb if the mh is still active and swat it as you retreat to cover past the wall buttresses, concrete posts . if the mh is still active after the ebs go boom ignore it, sprint and bh the tunnel to the next xp. arrive at the xp gate to your left, enter and sprint to the next gate. move the barrel, open, enter and kb the pallet then run off the ledge. asap switch to the pistol and run

penumbra: black plague

post-script seven trustr caste personnel are entitled to an opt-in, opt-out scheme, whereby they may choose to sign a consent form where, in the event of critical injury, they will be entitled to at least partial cryo-stasis. ----- 16 chemical tests - 2 pages ----- standard series chemical tests subject: primate chimpanzee chemical: temazepan result: as expected, the subject displays

the surge

if you jump on the desk and leap towards the duct, you can break the panel on the front and ultimately get inside. it's an uncoordinated jump, but definitely doable. inside you'll find a drone module: flamethrower tank . open the door and continue through the vent, taking a left and breaking the gate to wind up on the upper floor of the previous room. slay the elite hazard rig, then break the


the alley near the backyard's street entrance has some goodies, too. hop the fence -- a guard will have the key to pass normally -- and deal with the overseer altercation fight as normal. the dumpster on the landing overlooking the stairway they were on has a pouch nearby 3679/3794 , while the well-lit pantry accessible along the main stair route has more goodies 3699/3794 . next, it's time

dead island: riptide

return the c4 to the gate and attach it to the gate to blow it up. be sure to get out of the way of the explosion because you only have two seconds to do so and the blast can and will kill you. with the gate blown up, go inside the base. the power is off, so switch on your flashlight. plenty of zombies can be found in here, but there's also an absurd amount of ammunition. plus, if you were


just over the fence to the right as you enter the main campgrounds from the kids' cabins area. 2. on top of the pa tower to the rear corner of the main lodge, on the side nearest the kids' cabins area entrance. 3. directly behind the main lodge, near the roof. walk across the tightrope from the top of either pa tower behind the lodge to reach it. 4. on top of the pa tower to the rear corner of

resident evil: revelations 2

in the back you can find a panel to turn the power on. before you do, check behind the trap for a sparkle item , then turn it on, but as soon as you do the trap nearby will come at you. quickly move out of the way and face the enemy that barges out. the game teaches you about impairment here: moira can blind enemies and stun them. use this time to do melee attacks on the with claire or beat