decking without grooves

8 apps you need to try on the fitbit ionic, versa

get amazon prime day deals without being a member: you wont have to pay a thing -- unless you buy something, of course.

cnet download

cnet download is your reference guide to episodes, photos, videos, cast and crew information, reviews and more.most popular showsnews2 broke girlsparks and play music, find songs, and discover artists

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essential iphone and ipod gadgets for your car

the cygnett's groove transporter ii is the gadget with the best features, including a usb charger, a sturdy cradle, easy-to-configure buttons, and a wired remote control for playback. with the

apple carplay: a guide to connecting your iphone to your

with it, you can send messages with imessage, play music, get directions, listen to podcasts, stream radio beats1, of course , and call people -- without ever touching your phone.

make the most out of your computer's usb audio port

computers make the most out of your computer's usb audio port. your usb audio port can be surprisingly useful--giving you even better sound than your computer's regular audio output.

burn music but doesn't play in my car stereo

i burn music to cd-r and was able to play it in my car and home stereo. i purchased music from msn and burn it from my play list but this time it won't let me burn it into cd-r or cd-rw.

15 cool things cortana can do in windows 10

control your music. if you listen to your music in the groove music app, cortana is actually a big help. she can pause and resume your music, skip a track or go back to a previous track, and play

edjing mix: dj music mixer for android

the social integration and huge music library make it a hard-to-resist app, especially since you can unlock the paid version without paying for it. that said, this app has strong competition from

onboard the newest coast guard flagship photos

the assist system moves along the grooves on the flight deck, emerging from the bays on the left and right, and meets the landing helicopter. grabbing the helicopter, the assist system then pulls

six ways to make your turntable sound better

phono cartridges are incredibly sensitive transducers, so they don't just convert the grooves undulations into sound, cartridges can also pick up bad vibes from footsteps, dancing, etc, and even